June 10, 2016 | | by


OK, so Mother Nature has thrown us a curveball this year, at first suggesting that the summer (at least here in the Boston suburbs) was starting, and then backing off from that initial commitment. I am optimistic that we are now ready to declare the summer season as having started, so for today’s #TheFridayDozen, I am revisiting the “Summer” theme that we shared a few weeks ago with my own take.

My list takes a few liberties and includes pure summer songs as well as a few that, at least for me, evoke summer through their lyrics or tone. I hope you like the mix, though I will readily concede that it jumps around from genre to genre (although I suppose that fits the theme as well, given the variable nature of the summer weather that we experience in New England). And I particularly hope you appreciate the inclusion of a few odd entries from some of my favorite performers.

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