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A community just for digital marketing.

build cool
sh*t for cool

We’re like you. We’re a bunch of freelance professionals who love what we do and who have lots of client-side and agency experience. We get off on building cool sh*t for cool people.


But we know it can be difficult to build up a network of digital peers to turn to for help or advice. And for small and mid-sized companies trying to grow their business, sourcing reliable and affordable digital expertise is no easy task.

to you

We talked to a lot of people and heard the same thing - freelance websites on the market today were not meeting the needs of digital talent, nor the customers looking for that talent.

a different
way to

Race to the bottom pricing and unvetted resources make it impossible to earn a living on most of these sites. And customers with genuine project needs are forced to weed through countless freelancer profiles with no real sense of their true capabilities.

and team

What if there was a shared community just for digital marketing? One that could connect companies seeking digital marketing services with freelance and small agency teams. With a collaborative platform so that independents could work together on projects yet maintain their autonomy. Where corporate marketers could network with other like-minded peers across the globe.

Digaboom is the manifestation of these goals.
With your help, we're making this vision a reality.

Be part of something big.


Forecasted U.S. Digital Marketing spend in 2016 (Growing at 17%/yr)

Source: Forrester Research


Forecasted % of digital spend in overall U.S. Marketing Budgets in 2016 (was only 13% in 2009)

Source: IDC


Estimated size of the Digital Marketing Software Market in 2016 (Growing at 14%/yr)

Source: TechNavio


The "new normal" consistent amount of marketing technology software vendors