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From the founding team at Digaboom, we’re ecstatic to welcome you to a new collaborative community and marketplace for the world of digital marketing.

Digaboom is the result of new thinking. The current methods of finding work online, of building a network of peers, of showing off your work just weren’t cutting it for us and for the people we know. Most freelance sites are too cutthroat, difficult to navigate, and task focused. LinkedIn really isn’t great for establishing a truly collaborative network. And portfolio sites seemed to be mostly focused on designers (nothing wrong with designers – it’s just that there are more pieces to the digital marketing puzzle that also need to be addressed). With Digaboom, we want to build a place where the whole spectrum of digital marketing professionals can come together in one big community, network and collaborate with each other, create teams and even find project-based work.

So where are we now?

Right now we’re in pre-launch mode working with a selected beta team of early adopters. We’d still love to have you though so feel free to request an invitation so you can be added to our waiting list or even be part of the beta team.

The new Digaboom Blog is the best place to stay up to date on our latest progress – platform updates, event announcements, tips and suggestions, and guest posts from our Pioneer members.

Have questions, thoughts or comments on what we’re doing? Feel free to share a comment below or reach out to us via the chat window below. Right now, we’re here Monday through Friday 8 AM – 6 PM EST (and because we’re working at a feverous pitch right now, sometimes on weekends too).


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