Ruzow_HeadshotDigaboom was thrilled to sit down (virtually) with Nancy Ruzow of Ruzow Graphics, one of our beta team members, to talk about her journey as a digital creative and what gets her out of bed in the morning.

How did you get to where you are now?

I was one of the strange creatures who went to school for graphic design and never looked back. I keep up with technology and am excited about trends, new software – I stay at the forefront of all. I’ve been creating visual experiences for companies for 30 years now.

What are you excited about right now?

I create a lot of business to business marketing materials. Right now, I am working on the New York Building Congress’s Task Force on Innovation and Best Practices. I used the original schematics from the construction of Yankee Stadium in designing the cover and highlight graphics for the new Yankee stadium project. Married to a die-hard Yankees fan, that’s a thrill. I do a lot of work for the NY building industry – it’s fun when I get a sneak peak of new subways and other building projects. Pro bono has also been a big part of my work, and I recently finished event graphics for A Better Chance.

[editor’s note: you can find more of Nancy’s extensive portfolio here]

How did you learn about Digaboom?

I met Brian at a HOW Design Conference and have kept in touch. I thought the concept was really interesting, and I wanted to be part of the Beta. I have one client now who will only hire me through Elance [now Upwork], so I have explored that site. The problem with Elance is that everyone wants things done for nothing and for the most part the projects are not quality work.

What appeals to you about the platform?

I think it is very easy to navigate and upload work. I like the fact that people can comment on your work and that I can build up my portfolio a little bit at a time. I also like the fact that you can chat with people – it’s features like that that make it more of a community and not just a job board.

Tell me about a favorite project in your portfolio.

I generally like to create ads. With ads, you are restricted to a small space to communicate a lot of information, and that’s a good design challenge. Take a look at the ad I did for Bank Leumi. I also enjoy creating logos — I’m proud of this Hurricane Sandy Relief logo – even though they went with something different in the end.


Ruzow Graphics helps create brand experiences through strategic thinking, graphic design, and copywriting for companies of all sizes. Their purpose is to help companies grow and thrive through well-designed and well-managed advertisements, print and digital materials, and logo design.