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Hey Digaboom people. This is Cate. My dad asked me to make this week’s Digaboom #TheFridayDozen (or whatever the heck it’s called). My selection of songs doesn’t really have a theme but they all mean a lot to me and I guess show a side of me. I tried to mix it up with a variety of different types of songs. It goes from one of Mac’s (Demarco) jazzy guitar riffs to the freakin’ Smashing Pumpkins. This playlist has some of my favorite bands like Joy Division and The Drums, along with some recent discoveries like Radiator Hospital. I also included a song from the Beach Boy’s Pet Sounds album which was released 50 years ago this past Monday (May 16th). Joy Division was a last minute inclusion because this week marked thirty six years since Ian Curtis passed. I hope you think of him when you listen to Disorder. 

Basically, I hope this playlist delivers some pretty sweet tunes and makes you think. Music should make you think. It shouldn’t be some stupid pop electronic thing that seems to be in every song ever created in this century. These songs actually mean something. To me and now hopefully to you. Enjoy.

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  • RTF

    Love it, Cate. Great selections. Glad you agreed to help your dad out. – Todd