April 29, 2016 | | by

Music is a vital part of my life and there are few minutes in my days when I’m not surrounded by it in some way.

Last week, the world lost one of the greatest musicians of all time and the artist that I’ve been a die-hard fan of my entire life.

When Prince passed away, the world lost one of its creative geniuses.

I’ve been listening to nothing but Prince since I heard the news. With such a vast discography, I haven’t had any shortage of music.

Thankfully, before that tragic day, I had assembled a playlist of new music that I’ve been digging to share with all of you.

Having two teenagers in my house guarantees that I’m exposed to new music and there is plenty of great new tunes being released.

My daughter went through this with me and approved of them all. So, if you need some new tunes to impress your kids with or just a refresh for spring give these a try.

We strive to give you an even dozen of new music every Friday and because Prince broke all the rules, I’m going to break them today.

He didn’t allow his music being on free streaming services, but the last track today is from his Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction night. It isn’t his song, but the guitar solo is ALL him and at his finest.

If we are going to do a baker’s dozen around here, it is going to be a purple one.

Enjoy the tunes. Enjoy your weekend.