Music can change the world because it can change people.


Music to work by

Working in general – and certainly remotely – can definitely be made more enjoyable and productive with the right soundtrack. Just imagine Car Wash without a theme song?

And if you’re anything like me, hearing the right song in the right context can really impact your day – and mostly by making it better. I grew up listening to 70’s soft rock from the vinyl back seat of whatever Oldsmobuick my family was driving at the time, spent my formidable high school years smack in the middle of the MTV 80s, and lived my 20s during the grungy 90s. Conventional wisdom is that music has gone downhill and become too commercial – MTV today has virtually nothing to do with the “M” in its name and pirating and streaming services have made it all by impossible for anyone other than mega stars like Taylor Swift or Beyonce to actually make money selling their music. And sure, we may never see another Pink Floyd “The Wall”, The Who “Who’s Next” or Beatles “White Album” but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still great music out there. You just have to look for it.

Your Friday Digaboom playlist

And looking for great new music has never been easier. Thanks to the Sony Walkman evolving into the iPod and improving with paid streaming services like Spotify, virtually any song or artist is at your fingertips anytime you want it. Hear a song you like, Shazam it and add it to a playlist. Easy as that. Or let us do some of the heavy lifting for you.

That’s why we’re taking the initiative to publish a new Spotify playlist for your working pleasure every Friday morning. Hopefully it becomes part of your TGIF mindset, turns you onto to a few new tunes (or reminds you of some old ones), and puts a productive kick in your day. Today’s inaugural launch is called First Friday – No Fooling and features 10 songs that we’re currently listening to now. Listen below and/or follow us on our Spotify channel. We’ll see you here every Friday!