June 3, 2016 | | by

Bentley University is one of the top business schools in the country and I’m proud to be counted among its alumni.

I was always one of the creative kids at the school. I acted, made movies and of course took part in the college radio station.

WBTY – Bottom of the dial. Top of the pile!

You couldn’t listen to the radio beyond the borders of the campus, but that didn’t matter to us.

First as a member of “DJ G and the Funky Bunch” and later as the co-host of “The C.C. & The Man Show” we’d spin records, make silly commentary and on one occasion upset some of the staff.

It was the 90’s and music was changing. Grunge was blaring out of our windows and a heaviness would rock your brain through your headphones.

We use to record all of our shows and I still have a rack of cassettes that I need to digitize to listen back to them all. When I use to have a cassette player in my car, I’d often listen to those shows and no matter where I was they’d bring a smile to my face.

Today for #TheFridayDozen I wanted to share a playlist of some of the regular tracks Dan and I played on the show.

I still listen to these tunes on a regular basis and loved my time behind the microphones during my college radio days. Definitely lead to me being one of the earliest podcasters back in 2004.

Have a great weekend.

  • Wish I could have heard you back in the college radio days. I can only imagine the amount of fun that you had on the air.

    • We had TONS of it. It is what prompted Accident Hash to get started. Similar vibe.