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The 80’s gave us some epic movie soundtracks.  Thirty years ago musicians collaborated with movie makers in a way seldom seen today, sometimes scoring entire soundtracks as Queen did for the movie “Highlander.”  This week’s #TheFridayDozen features some of the greatest movie music from the 1980’s that were either secondary tracks, or not from the biggest blockbusters.  Sure, everyone remembers “Don’t you forget about me” from the Breakfast Club soundtrack, but what about Wang Chung’s amazing “Fire in the Twilight?”  You’ll hear Kenny Loggins “Footloose” twice per hour on any 80’s radio station, but never Shalamar’s insanely catchy “Dancing in the Sheets.”

I hope this trip down memory lane will inspire you to dig deeper into movie soundtracks and find the hidden gems not oft played on the radio.  Below is a list of each song and the movie it appeared in.  Be excellent to each other, and… Party on Dudes!

Raised on the Radio – The Ravyns – Fast Times at Ridgemont High
One Year of Love – Queen – Highlander
Fire in the Twilight – Wang Chung – The Breakfast Club
Dancing in the Sheets – Shalamar – Footloose

Number One – Chaz Jankel – Real Genius
Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo – Back to School
The Edge of Forever – The Dream Academy – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Queen Bee – Grand Funk Railroad – Heavy Metal

One Foot in Front of the Other – Bone Symphony – Revenge of the Nerds
One Vision – Queen – Iron Eagle
Who Made Who? – AC/DC – Maximum Overdrive
Good Times – INXS with Jimmy Barnes – The Lost Boys

Let us know what we missed and as always, feel free to follow us on Spotify to see what we are listening to around the virtual office.

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  • I remember when you first talked about pulling this together. What a great walk down memory lane!

    Of course now I’m thinking me and the family need an 80’s Movie Night to binge our way through some of these again.