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Today marks the third installment of our recurring Friday Playlist series – now referred to as The Friday Dozen. We started this as a weekly playlist of 10 songs but as it turns out, just picking 10 didn’t quite make the cut. 12 just feels better (and even that requires making some hard decisions) – plus The Friday Dozen sounds kind of cool and it makes a nice hashtag #thefridaydozen.

So why a weekly playlist? Are we that egotistical to think that you should all care what music we like? Well, I guess kind of. Music can be a big reveal of one’s personality – it can be an indicator of what inspires you, what keeps you focused, what makes you emotional and even what gets you out of bed in the morning. We think these playlists will help to reveal our personality and at the very least, give all of you following us something new to listen to every Friday as you finish out the week, make that client deadline or plan for what’s next.

This week’s choices run the gamut from a Clash classic to a remake of Elton John’s Tiny Dancer to the Bieb’s latest chart buster. We throw in some kick-ass bluesy rock from The Record Company and finish it up with a little live Phish to get you bouncing around the room. There’s also a healthy dose of some new Indie and Alternative choices mixed in.



As always, if you have a suggestion for a future playlist let us know. We absolutely want to feature playlists from folks in the Digaboom Community.

Feel free to follow us on Spotify to see what we are listening to around the office.

Have a great and productive Friday!

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Image: Ryan McGuire and Gratisography